Bacon Jam You Say?!? Our First Commercial December 11 2014

When does a company start believing it’s on the cusp of taking that next step and realizing its dreams?

Some would say it’s when a particular sales goal is reached. Or when people demand your product and go somewhere specifically to buy it. Or when you’re lucky enough to land a television spot.

How about when you get your own commercial? Yeah, that feels pretty transformative as well.

As The Bacon Jams finish 2014 strong and venture forward -- boldly, bravely, bacon-y -- into 2015, we’re looking to step things up a notch and establish a presence in the industry. Spreadable bacon is here, it’s for real and let’s make sure it stays. Most importantly, we want to connect with bacon lovers everywhere; for you to love our bacon jams and share them with friends and family; for you to take part in this journey with us.

So whether you desire our delectable, incredible, spreadable goodness on foods, for cooking, pull out jars at a social gathering or even use them as the perfect conversation starter -- there’s no wrong occasion and there’s no wrong way to enjoy bacon jam!

Go ahead, see for yourself, we’re ready for our closeup and present to you our very first commercial…