The Bacon Jams Goes International... well, sorta. October 31 2014

bacon jam gift box on a planeIt’s been a little over one year since The Bacon Jams began operations, and their home base has treated them quite well thus far. The company has not ventured outside the United States just yet and, unfortunately, we can’t bring the jars in our luggage on planes. Instead, Mike O. did the next best thing and took our special holiday three-pack bacon jam sampler packaging with him on his trip to Italy last week. Let’s call it a maiden voyage of sorts. Mike was nice enough to commemorate takeoff with a photo. No word on whether the box got its own seat.

Once arriving in Italy, Mike went right into vacation mode. The hiking was extraordinary, the scenery breathtaking, the living most enjoyable. He took the new packaging everywhere, just one of the fellas hitching along. The pink, slick piece of cardboard found enough fun stuff to do, hanging with his cool aardvark buddy and being nice enough to prop up the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

There was plenty of delicious food too, even without bacon jam. Mike spread the gospel bacon jam gift box with an aardvarkbacon jam gift box with the leaning tower of pisa in italyof bacon jams to the locals and was sure to get their input on the product. Europeans are used to spreadable foods and especially pâtés, which is precisely where bacon jam would fit. Everyone was receptive to the idea of spreadable bacon, it just made sense and yet there’s nothing like it on the market. Naturally, they wanted to taste the goods. Some day. There are huge international food expos in Europe, and we’ll get there. For now we have America to conquer first.