Bacon Jam on Ice Cream!?!?! September 09 2014

I was recently visiting a friend in Ventnor City, New Jersey, and one night after dinner we went to Two Cents Plain, an ice cream spot in Margate, just down Ventnor Avenue. Now, Two Cents Plain is famous for its ice cream waffles -- a combination of Belgian waffles topped with the ice cream flavor of your choice. As I stood in line waiting to order a cone of Salted Hazelnut Crunch and Peanut Butter ice cream and watched one of the waitresses prepare an ice cream waffle, an idea popped into my head: Hey, you know what would be an awesome addition to the ice cream waffles here at Two Cents Plain? Bacon jam!

That’s when the my food fantasy started to form. I saw a stack of bananas on the counter in front of me and immediately knew what I wanted to do as my taste buds nearly leapt off my tongue and out of my mouth in excitement. How delicious would it be to put a scoop of your ice cream of choice (I’d recommend vanilla or some special vanilla-inspired variant flavor) on your Belgian waffle, then top it with a cut up a banana that has been slathered in All Original Bacon Jam? I'm actually salivating as I write this. I know coming up with creative recipes for our three flavors of bacon jam is usually Mike’s wheelhouse, but I couldn't resist sharing this with the world.

Whether it’s Two Cents Plain -- I'll be pitching the idea to the owner next time I return -- or a regular restaurant out there that offers a similar dish, I have to believe a waffle-ice cream sundae type of concoction with All Original Bacon Jam dollopped in would be an instant favorite among the clientele.

In fact, after returning home from Ventnor, I went out to the store to get some waffle mix, vanilla ice cream and a bushel of bananas. I whipped it up right there in my kitchen, Belgian waffles topped with vanilla ice cream, a sliced banana and All Original Bacon Jam. Trust me, it was even more delectable than I imagined, and I encourage you to make it on your own!