Bacon Jam Goes Green... at the Faire July 03 2014

No, no, not the tree hugging, hippy kind of green, although we do try our best to do our part in that regard as well... I mean the kilt wearing, bagpiping, tabor tossing kind of green. The Celtic Fling was another spectacular event at what is quickly becoming my favorite venue for The Bacon Jams, the PA Renaissance Faire. Dudes in kilts and women in corsets came in droves to see the best in celtic music from the heavy warlike drum beats and haunting bag piping of Albannach to the distinctly American bluegrass, celtic, punk fusion of Cut Throat Shamrock. Their ale was flowing, there were people dancing, and of course there were turkey legs... giant smoked turkey legs.

This was the first time we were at Faire (that's what the residents call it) while there were more people dressed in traditional, period, or otherwise non-vanilla apparel, than not. There is something cool about giving a sample of bacon jam to a man who looks like he marched with William Wallace with his 5 foot long sword, seeing him turn to his kilted buddies, and hearing him say, "dudes, you gotta try this!" We had wenches declaring their love of the sales team and knights kneeling in fealty to Sir James, Lord of Bacon.

Was the event awesome? Yes! Did we get tired of the nonstop barrage of celtic jams blasting into our tent? Never! Did I finish all my Haggis? Noooo, but I did have a horn of ale or two, thanks to my accomplice... Thanks BH!

The Bacon Jams loves the PA Renaissance Faire, all it's staff, and the regulars who make it such a fun place. We shall see you anon.